How to finance your home’s remodel

Have you ever asked yourself,
“how are we going to pay for this remodel?”

We are here to provide you with some useful solutions and have three approachable steps for how to finance your home’s remodel.


Utilize Your Home’s Equity

Have you ever heard of a home equity loan?
A large problem seen in the Pacific Northwest is dry rot. The fungi that cause dry rot start below the siding’s surface, eventually eating away the body of your siding until only the top layer remains intact. Rotting can spread quickly to the entire home. This can be detected at an estimate by our professionals.


Zero Percent Credit Cards

Have you noticed some credit cards offer an 18 month period of time where they have zero percent interest? Divide the amount you need by the number of months with no interest and pay that amount faithfully each month. But note most contractors will charge a small percentage when you use a credit card.


Talk To Your Contractor

Weather Built Homes, LLC is equipped with the ability to finance your exterior remodel through our third-party lenders (who are the best in the business). Nobody cares more about making sure you have what it takes to finance your remodeling job than your contractor.

Talk to us about your roofing, siding, windows, or gutters. We can help you get the job done beautifully, efficiently, and affordably.