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Most homeowners in Washington and Oregon think about their air conditioners when it comes time to keep their homes cool while battling the hot temperatures of the summer months. Unfortunately, many people overlook the importance of home windows when it comes to maintaining a comfortable temperature.

There are several ways that quality home windows can help you remain comfortable all summer long.

Receive Additional Insulation From Vinyl Frames

Vinyl home window replacements are one of the best ways that you can ensure a cooler home as the temperatures heat up outside. Vinyl home windows are made with frames that contain built-in chambers that house additional insulation. These pockets of insulation prevent the cool air inside your home from escaping. They also block hot air from outside from getting in.

Reduce Heat Transfer With Low-E

Lowell emissivity, or low E, can help to reduce heat transfer into your home. This odorless and colorless application is typically applied to glass during the manufacturing process. It helps to keep your home cool, so you can remain comfortable inside your home.

Choose Windows With SHGC Ratings

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, also called SHGC, is a number that is used to describe the solar radiation that is able to penetrate the glass and enter your home. All types of home windows contain a rating between zero and one. By selecting a lower number, you can help to ensure that the least amount of heat is able to enter your space.

Choose Windows With Gas Insulation

When it comes to home windows, there are two different gases that are commonly used to help provide additional insulation. These include Krypton and Aragon. These gases work incredibly well for providing additional insulation to your Windows. When these gases are combined with low-E glazing, it can further prevent heat from entering your living space. As a result, you can benefit significantly by having a more comfortable and cool environment inside of your home.

The Importance of Quality Home Windows

When it comes to the windows of your home, selecting quality products is critically important due to the fact that they can help you remain cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. In addition, having quality windows that seal the hot air out and keep the cool air and will help to reduce the amount of money that you have to spend on your energy bill. 

Given the vast amount of window sizes, styles, and options to choose from, it is best that you reach out to the professionals to determine which windows will work best for your particular needs.

Contact Weather Built Homes for Quality Home Windows

Our window professionals at Weather Built Homes can come to your home and go over the options that are available for your space. We will review the benefits that each type of window can provide for you and help you choose the right one to keep your home cool this summer. Contact our professionals today to schedule a free quote to get started.

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