Why You Should Replace Your Home's Windows

roof replacement in Oregon and Washington

Why You Should Replace Your Home's Windows

With constantly changing weather conditions, sometimes, homeowners are left with no choice but to get a roof replacement in Oregon and Washington. Having your roof replaced by Weather Built Homes is a great investment not just in your home’s curb appeal but also in a long-lasting roof solution. Our team of specialists will help you choose the roofing materials that work best with your home’s aesthetic and structural requirements at a competitive price that meets your needs. When you get a new roof with us, you can expect several additional benefits, such as:


Improved Protection

A roof replacement from Weather Built Homes can reinforce your home’s structural integrity in several ways. By installing only high-quality materials made for long-term durability, we can help you guarantee your roof’s protection against infestations, water damage, and premature wear and tear, just to name a few. Additionally, a new roof may provide better protection from the elements, reducing the chances of leaks and other problems. 


Increased Curb Appeal

The beauty of a new roof replacement in Oregon and Washington relies on several factors, with the main ones being the expertise involved in the installation and the quality of the material installed. At Weather Built Homes, we choose CertainTeed shingles for the best performance and to maximize the curb appeal of our clients’ homes. As a roof material brand that we trust, CertainTeed does rigorous testing and certification for all of its materials—and our clients deserve nothing less. With us, you’ll get numerous color and style options that will put you in a great place to either enhance or revamp your home’s beauty.


Improved Home Value

New roofs aren’t easy to come by, so getting a roof replacement in Oregon and Washington can definitely increase your home’s value if you ever decide to sell. A new roof is more appealing to prospective buyers because you’re saving them the headache of having to get a roof replacement themselves after a few years. Not only this, but a new roof may also be able to lower your home insurance premium.


Better Energy Efficiency

Aging roofs, unfortunately, do not have as many of the insulative capabilities as newer roofs. With a Weather Built Homes roof replacement in Oregon and Washington, you can experience better energy efficiency in the home, whether you’re trying to keep cool air in during the summer or trying to stay warm in the winter.


Comfort and Confidence in Your Roof

Lastly, perhaps the greatest benefit of investing in a new roofing system is the peace of mind that comes with it. A properly installed roof by Weather Built Homes can last you several decades. What’s more, we offer a lifetime limited transferable warranty against manufacturing defects on all of our residential roofing installations, which may also cover against algae and wind damage up to a certain extent.

Where to Get a Roof Replacement in Oregon and Washington

At Weather Built Homes, nothing fills us with greater pride than being able to provide roof services that come with warranties and are tailored specifically to meet your home’s requirements. Your satisfaction and safety are important to us, and we want to do everything we can to ensure your peace of mind. The difference between Weather Built Homes and our competition is always loud and clear, starting with our exceptional customer service. Contact us today for your next roof replacement in Oregon and Washington.