Why You Should Replace Your Home's Windows

Why You Should Replace Your Home's Windows

There are a number of situations our team has come across from an old window not locking to a severe draft coming in from the cold. We have complied a list to help you know why you should take the steps to replace your home’s dated windows.


Reduce Your Home’s Energy Costs

Seeing the cost on your electric bill go down is such a great feeling and this will happen when you choose to replace your homes faulty windows with energy efficient windows (we know someone who can help you get some of those).

The reason your energy costs go down is because your home will become better insulated, which will allow your home to keep the air temperature you want inside and keep the draft out. Your HVAC will thank you, trust us.


Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

Imagine you have purchased a beautiful older home. However the windows aren’t the beautiful part they are the part that is making it look extra old. Not only are the breaking but they are taking away from your homes curb appeal. When you choose to replace your home’s windows it will amplify your overall aesthetic of the inside and outside of your home and increase it’s value.

Fun fact. Old windows will not allow that much light into your home. Replacing your windows will provide much more sunlight into your home (we need that in the PNW) which can benefit your families overall health.


Make Your Home Safer and More Secure

Have you ever had a window you tried to lock but no matter how much force or energy it wont budge. We have been there and we don’t want any home owner to have to deal with this because we understand how your families safety is the most important thing. Faulty windows can be a huge burden and replacing them will be making your home much safer.

Another extra step that replacing your windows can do for your home is to provide a quiet place from the outside world. While new windows might not be able to completely silence outside noise, it will decrease it. And with that newfound silence comes the ability to relax easier at home, and even sleep better, which can do wonders for your overall

Need more information on your home’s windows? We can help you get the job done and specifically built for the PNW.