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At Weather Built Homes, we recognize the value of high-quality windows in securing and maintaining the energy efficiency of your home. For this reason, we provide a selection of high-quality window services to assist you in maintaining, repairing, and replacing your windows. 

Whether you require window replacement, repair, or inspection, our team of professionals has the skills and expertise to accomplish the job correctly.

Oregon and Washington Window Repair Services

We provide expert window repair services to restore functionality if your windows have become broken or are not operating properly. Our staff will carry out a comprehensive assessment to pinpoint the issue and offer a detailed repair strategy that satisfies your needs and budget. 

Broken glass, shattered frames, and leaky seals are just a few of the problems we can repair.

Washington and Oregon Window Replacement Services

Weather Built Homes provides high-caliber window replacement services if you want to improve your home’s aesthetic and energy efficiency. Our team of professionals will collaborate with you to choose the ideal windows that complement the design of your home and your personal tastes. 

The following advantages new windows can offer Oregon and Washington residents include:

Washington Window Inspection Process

At Weather Made Homes, we advise routine window inspections to assist you to identify minor concerns before they develop into more significant, expensive ones. Our window inspection procedure entails three steps:

Step 1
Visual Examination

Our experts will visually inspect your windows to look for any obvious damage, such as cracks, chips, or leaks.

Step 2
Functional Inspection

We'll test your windows to make sure they open and close properly and look for leaks or drafts.

Step 3
Final Report

After the inspection, we will provide you with a detailed written report outlining any issues we found and making recommendations for maintenance or repairs.

Trusted Window Restoration Services
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If you’re looking for reliable window services in Oregon and Washington, look no further than Weather Built Homes. Call us right away to schedule a meeting and learn how we can keep your home safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient.