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Are you looking for professional Portland roofing contractors? Weather Built Homes is one of the leading contractors for roofing in Portland. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from roof inspection to new roof installation and replacement.

As a locally owned qualified roofing contractor, we commit to delivering excellent service from your free estimate through to completion. Whether you hire us to repair an existing roof or install a new one, we deliver the same high levels of service.

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Types of Roofing Materials

We pair high-quality materials and the highest-quality workmanship to get you the results you deserve. We offer the following roofing products to our clients in Portland, Oregon:

Shingle roofing

We work with CertainTeed because they have the same commitment to service excellence we do. These shingles undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum durability and aesthetics.

Metal roofing

You have several reasons to choose metal to replace an old roof. For example, it shrugs off snow and water, is low-maintenance, is durable, and makes for a stunning new roof for commercial and residential properties.

Flat roofing

Portland roofers are particularly fond of flat membrane systems for commercial buildings. They are durable, easy to install, and simple to maintain. Building owners in Portland, Oregon, appreciate the durability of these membrane systems.

Services Weather Built Homes Offers in Portland

As your professional roofing company, we proudly offer the following:

Should You Select a New or Replacement Roof?

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There is sometimes a fine line between repair and replacement. Only an established roofing contractor can tell you which is best for your home and budget. However, here are some indicators to give you a better idea.

Should You Select a New or Replacement Roof?

Top roofing contractors will typically suggest repair if:

The damage is natural and minor, like one or two shingles blowing off.

You have a small leak or two. The shingle or metal usually outlasts the waterproofing material that prevents leaks. As long as these do not extend across the entire roof, residential roofing services can usually repair them.

Installation problems are usually challenging to spot. For example, you may notice missing flashing or excessive amounts of tar covering the flashing. These are easy fixes for commercial roofing companies.

Condensation or rotting in the attic can indicate poor ventilation. Fortunately, this is another simple fix.

Condensation or rotting in the attic can indicate poor ventilation. Fortunately, this is another simple fix.

When a Professional Portland Roofing Company Suggests a Replacement

You may need to replace your roof instead due to:

Advanced age:

You may need to replace asphalt shingles every 15 or 20 years. When your roof starts nearing this age, annual inspections become critical.


Sagging points to an underlying structural issue.

Missing shingles:

One or two missing shingles is a quick fix. However, if several begin to fall off, it's a sign of a significant structural issue.


The elements take their toll over the years. Shingles dry out, curl, or shrink, and their asphalt waterproofing wears away in time. These signs point to replacement rather than repair.

Can You Cover Your Current Roof with a New Roof?

We hear this question often, and it was industry practice at one stage. The theory is that two roofs are better than one. However, in reality, you’re setting yourself up for greater expenses in the future.

For starters, the existing structure may need help to bear the weight of both roof layers. Even if it can, when you eventually need to remove the old roofs, it will cost extra. Finally, fixing issues with the original roof will become burdensome.

What to Expect From Us

Weather Built Homes has several years of experience providing professional roofing services for homeowners in and around Vancouver. Below are just a few reasons you should choose our roofing company over the rest of our competitors for roofing in Vancouver, WA.

Outstanding Service and Communication

Unlike other Portland roofing companies, we treat our clients in the Portland area as we hope a construction company will treat us. That's why we are highly responsive to your messages and happy to go over any areas you are unsure about.

Certified and Experienced Roofers in Portland

With extensive industry experience, we hire the best. Whenever we add qualified roofing contractors to our team, we ensure they deliver the quality work we expect. Anything less than a fantastic job is insufficient.

We're a Top-Rated, BBB-Certified Company

We invite you to look at our client reviews for some insight into our service. As a family-owned and -operated business, we take pride in serving our community. With several decades of experience in the industry, our team understands how to do the job properly every time.

Customized Solutions

Your home or business is unlike anyone else's, and so are your roofing needs. At Weather Built Homes, we treat you like the individual you are and come up with customized solutions to help solve your problems and protect your home.

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Weather Built Homes is your go-to roofing company in Portland. Become a member of our family and experience the difference for yourself by scheduling a service for roofing in Portland.
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