About Weather Built Homes

Weather Built Homes is proud to be a family-owned and operated business. Nothing brings them more pride than being backed by years of experience and a legacy of hard work in the residential remodeling industry.
Their story starts with a father and daughter. Being raised by a Mr. Fix-It, a handyman, a contractor, a business owner, and most importantly a loving father had a ton of perks. Endless 2×4 scraps, lots of weekend chores to help dad with his latest project, learning from the best of the best, and quality time spent together. Jennifer, along with her four siblings grew up looking up to their dad, always following in his shadow with a hammer in their hand, a pencil behind their ear, and a tape measure on their belt.

“Build it right, build it for the weather.”

— Jennifer's Dad, Tom

Big Brother.

Jen’s dad (middle) with his younger brothers. These brothers spent most of their days outside learning how to build. Each one worked with Jen’s dad in his company at one point or another learning from the expert. All of his brothers eventually chose a career in the commercial or residential construction industry.

Built it Right.

Spending most of his weekends working on his next house project, Jen’s dad built and built. Each house build has been a family build. From helping level the ground for concrete, to tape, bed, and texture, to hanging lights he had his children help him with the entire process and took the time to make sure they knew how to do it right.

Keeping The Traditions Alive.

Jen’s dad and his only granddaughter, Kylie. He spends a few weeks every summer having her go to work with him and she loves the quality time with her Peepa and learning more about the industry.

Jennifer’s earliest childhood memories are with their family, living in a pick-up bed truck camper, while her dad finished building their home, crafting up forts in the land behind their property with scrap wood, and going to work with dad on “sick school days”.

Jennifer was engraved with a work ethic and surrounded by a family that was centered on teamwork to creating homes that were built right. Weather Built Homes is proud to have roots connected to Jen’s dad and we try to exemplify his example every day. 

Jen’s dad started his own remodeling business in the early 1980s to support his growing family, in North East Texas. He never had to practice typically marketing strategies because there was something different about him. He stood by his word and his work. Jen’s dad grew relationships with customers and they would spread the word about him.

His growth in the industry has led him to where he is today, still eager to go to work and make a customer’s dream come to life in their greatest investment, their home. He remembers every job he has ever done and jokingly points them out on any drive throughout Texas. His hard work and determination were engraved in each one of his children, as they have gone into similar industries. 

“Work Hard And Be Kind To Others, Words My Dad Has Always Lived by.”

— Jennifer Tyler

daughter of the contractor

Practicing what her father taught her, Jennifer joined a local residential window company in 2004 in Salem, Oregon where she rose to become one of the top product specialists in the industry. Along her way, she made lifelong relationships with the residential remodeling community and paved a way for herself to one day start Weather Built Homes. One of those key connections was with her future spouse. Eventually, the newlyweds purchased a home of their own and were faced with the same problems most homeowners experience. Their home was built and finished faulty. Their typical handyman (dad) who they would frequently fly to Vancouver, WA from Texas couldn’t always be there, so he challenged them to take things into their own hands. They wanted to find someone local who stood behind the work and services they were offering, just like Jen’s dad. Hence, Weather Built Homes was

“We Are Homeowners. Just Like You. We Want To Be Treated Like Family. Just Like You.”

— Jennifer Tyler

it runs in the family

One thing Jen’s dad always taught her was to surround herself with a team of people who are passionate about the work they are doing. Having Weather Built Homes, family owned and operated, with a strong vision, and a dynamic team was Jennifer’s number one goal.

She chose to include her lifelong connections to create the Weather Built Homes Family. Each member of the team has been added because they live by the motto of working hard and making each project seamless. Weather Built wants you to notice the difference in their family.

They are a full service family shop where they treat each project as Jen’s dad would. Treating each individual with kindness, valuing his or hers time, and offering the best customer service in the industry. Weather Built Homes care for each project as if it’s being done for their own family, seeing each one through, and priding ourselves on a job well

Jennifer’s children (future Weather Built Homes employee).

Jennifer with her sister (in their teenage years), Brittany, Creative Director.